Life on the road can become an all -consuming lifestyle. You take care of your customers and your truck, but YOU are your business. Keeping your business healthy means keeping yourself healthy first.


Introducing a TSA Member Exclusive Lifestyle and Exercise Program from Nick Kuhle, holistic lifestyle and corrective exercise coach. With a Masters in Exercise, Science Nick specializes in creating personal wellness plans that identify the root cause of issues, eliminate pain, and provide direction in order to renew one’s vitality.

Learn more about Nick Kuhle & putting your health first in Segment #3 of January’s edition of The Road Home, TSA’s original podcast.

The TSA Member’s exclusive program focuses on equipping you with the tools and techniques necessary to take your current health; regardless of what state it’s in and optimize it. Get ready to make a move that improves your life and your business!






You need to spend hours on a treadmill at your local gym to become “healthy”?  You need to starve yourself and eat only vegetables like many “guru’s” proclaim?
You can never enjoy a donut or french fries again?

These are absolutely ridiculous! None of these are true.

Over the course of these next 12 months, Nick Kuhle is going to equip you with the tools and techniques necessary to take your current health; regardless of what state it’s in, and optimize it.

The first step in optimization is balance.

Everything in life needs to come in balance. You can eat too much or too little. You can under hydrate or even over hydrate. You may not work out enough or maybe stressing your body by working out too much.

Nick will help you identify where you’re currently at, where you need to go, and the steps needed to get there. After balancing the pillars of health, you’ll notice your energy levels, sleep, mental focus, and self-confidence start to improve.

Each month we’ll focus on specific foundational pillars that health and vitality are built upon. A few simple steps will be provided to help move your health forward. All of his clients have found that some of the most basic tools and techniques have led to significant improvements in their health.


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TrueNorth Independent Advantage

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