How much are TSA membership dues?

Membership dues are only $9 per month and can be conveniently paid monthly via credit card or ACH.


Why was TSA created?

TSA was created to provide independent contractors access to group pricing in a variety of purchasing areas, including insurance, fuel, legal services, etc.


How does TSA work?

As a non-profit organization, TSA provides benefits in exchange for minimal monthly dues paid by its members. TSA is a membership driven, non-profit organization that primarily leverages our more than 7,000 members to attain discounts and other market efficiencies from vendors servicing the trucking industry. By operating as an association, we are essentially like a 7,000 truck motor carrier when it comes to purchasing power.

Why is insurance such a big part of what TSA offers?

Very early on, TSA identified the products and services where small or one-truck independent contractors were at the greatest disadvantage when it came to pricing. Insurance was far and away the area that stood out because of a small trucker’s inability to purchase products economically. By structuring TSA as a group of like-minded small businesses, we have been able to negotiate group pricing and benefits just like a large motor carrier.

What does TSA offer members aside from insurance?

TSA provides access to various programs that allow our members to receive special discounts and other advantages. In addition, TSA has recently announced a program through which we provide educational scholarships to members and their dependents. The scholarships are awarded annually each summer. Applications for the scholarship are available each year by January 1 for that calendar year. Number and value are determined by a selection committee and is based in large part on the number of applicants received.

When it comes to insurance, what coverage do I need?

This depends on what is required by your motor carrier. Most carriers will require at a minimum that you carry Physical Damage insurance on your tractor and $1 million of Non-Trucking Liability. Some motor carriers may even require you to carry Occupational Accident or Workers Compensation insurance.

Do I need to be leased to a motor carrier?

Yes, in order to have coverage through TSA, you must be permanently leased to a motor carrier. We will require a copy of your lease agreement.

Can I keep my coverage if I change to a new motor carrier?

Absolutely. Just notify us immediately of the change by phone, fax or email.

Is Non-Trucking Liability insurance the same thing as Bobtail insurance?

They are very similar, but not exactly the same. Non-Trucking Liability (NTL) insurance provides coverage only when using your truck for personal use, not in the business of trucking. Bobtail (Liability) insurance provides coverage any time you are driving the truck without a trailer.

My motor carrier is insisting that I have to purchase my Physical Damage and Non-Trucking Liability insurance through them. Is this correct?

No. As an owner operator you have the right to choose your insurance provider.

Are there any age or experience requirements to get coverage?

We require all drivers be at least 21 years of age and have at least 3 years of experience with your CDL.

Why don’t you provide Primary Liability insurance?

Primary Liability coverage is provided by your motor carrier.

What coverage does my lienholder (bank or loan provider) require?

Your lienholder will require Physical Damage coverage to protect their interests.

What coverage do I need to get my tags?

You will need Primary Liability coverage, which is provided by your motor carrier. If you have your own authority, you should have Primary Liability coverage in your own name.

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TrueNorth Independent Advantage

BUSINESS COVERAGE: Cost-effective solutions including trip, work injury, liability, personal property and more.


TrueNorth Independent Advantage

PERSONAL BENEFITS: TrueChoices personal benefits platform designed exclusively for owner-operators.



Trusted Tax and Accounting for Owner-Operators



Driver's Legal Plan

Drivers Legal Plan protects your livelihood.




The comforts of home are available right in your truck with EpicVue satellite TV.




Save Time, Save Fuel, & Save Money! PrePass weigh station bypass.



MASA Assist

Coverage for BOTH ground ambulance and air ambulance transport in US & Canada.



Advantage Asset Tracking

Exclusive Geotab ELD Offer





Vehicle Services: Licensing & Permitting & Fuel and Mileage Tax Management



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