Long Haul Health

It’s hard on the body to be driving all day. Taking good care of yourself is as important to your business as taking care of your truck. The TSA Original Series focuses on providing tips for easing the pain of life on the road.

Arm & Shoulder Pain

Identifying the source of your pain is key to determining which stretches work best to alleviate arm & shoulder pain. In this episode Dr. Jeff Zelasko helps you self-assess and stretch away the pain.

Upper Back

When your hunched over a steering wheel all day, your upper back can really take a beating. We’re talking about posture, support, and other ways you can get rid of or avoid upper back pain.

Relieving Low Back Pain

Sitting in essentially the same position for hours on end each day can cause lower back pain.In this episode we talks about the cause of that pain and some easy-to-do stretches that can help alleviate the pain.

Hot Spots & Fidget Widgets

Sitting and driving long distances can lead to “hot spots”. Hot spots can quickly lead to aches and pains. How do you relieve hot spots before they get worse? In this episode we’re talking about fidget widgets.

Pit Stop Stretch

We’re throwing out a challenge! Can you make it through 7 – 10 minutes of stretches that can change your day? Give it a try!

Lift Like An Athlete

No one can afford to be sidelined with an injury. If you’ve ever hurt your back while lifting something heavy or if you just want to lift better. This is for you! In this episode Dr. Jeff Zelasko talks about and demonstrates proper lifting.

Beating the Blues

Here are four things you can do to beat the blues.  How many are you already doing?

Highway Hypnosis

It’s hot, the days are long and sometimes it’s just hard to avoid Highway Hypnosis. So what can you do?

Dr. Jeff Zelasko shares his top 6 tips.

Neck Pain

Leg Pain & Calf Cramps

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