A Unified and Powerful Voice

The Coalition for Independent Truckers is an alliance of independent truckers, service providers, motor carriers, and independent associations and affiliated organizations committed to the very singular mission of protecting and enhancing the independent contractor capacity model that is so vital to American entrepreneurs driving trucks, the trucking industry, and the economy of the United States.

The non-partisan coalition represents a unified and powerful voice that believes that the hundreds of thousands of truckers operating as independent contractors, each one a vibrant and relevant small business, constitute an irreplaceable component of our national logistics network and the U.S. economy.

The Coalition recognizes that the professional independent trucker freely chooses to start and run a business, drive a truck professionally, and build a better life through entrepreneurship. This freedom of choice should be supported and The Coalition will use its resources to advocate for these opportunities and protect the American Dream.


Protecting Trucking’s Independent Contractors

This month, a new Labor Department regulation went into effect that makes it exponentially harder for professional drivers to qualify as independent contractors under federal law. ATA is now fighting back in the courts and Congress. Watch the Video

Thanks to Scopelitis for their support on this critical issue.

Independent Contractors have been under scrutiny from law and policymakers, an ongoing theme since 2017.

Will Hart, owner-operator at Dart Transportation, shares his personal experience as an independent contractor and how these legislative decisions impact him and his family.

Accompanied by Bill Webb, Executive Director of Truckers Service Association and leader of the Coalition for Independent Contractors, emphasizes the importance of giving these drivers a platform to share their own stories and have their voices heard. 

Fox Business interviewed one of our independent contractors.

Listen to the interview here.

Listen to A conversation with Ambassador, Coalition for Independent Truckers, Thomas Miller” on the exclusive TSA podcast, The Road Home. 

Protecting and enhancing the independent contractor capacity model that is so vital to the trucking industry and the economy of the United States.

What Does The Coalition Support?


  • We believe men and women should have the opportunity to live the American Dream by choosing to operate as small business owners through the independent contractor model.
  • We believe professional independent truckers deserve a voice, and access to educators, policymakers, the media, and the general public to share their stories of business hurdles and successes, their personal and professional goals, and their need to keep this vital business model alive and well. These people represent small businesses and our nation’s present-day success is due in large part to these small businesses and their predecessors – many of whom became today’s regional and national motor carriers.
  • We believe professional independent truckers need resources and support to stay relevant and viable in an ever-changing economy and freight environment.

The professional independent trucker model accounts for a significant portion of our nation’s professional truck capacity and has a history in the trucking industry that is as long as trucking itself.

In many instances, it serves as the bridge between being an employee driver to becoming a full-fledged motor carrier with a federal motor carrier number. In other instances, this model is the ultimate professional destination for the truck driver. They are a small business, often operating one truck, where they choose the carrier they contract to. They get to pick and choose freight, buy the truck that best suits their professional goals, and pick and choose vendors; yet they don’t have the pressures of maintaining the customer base, the federal motor carrier number, and the payroll of employees. The professional independent trucker model is one that works well as a stepping-stone for some or a perfect, long-term fit for others.


The Coalition is funded through voluntary contributions. Funding is used to support the development and deployment of independent contractor ambassadors, working in unison with state trucking associations and others, to advocate on behalf of the independent contractor business model.



  • Leveraging the resources of the coalition member organizations to develop and deploy a unified and focused national message that clearly conveys the importance of the independent contractor business model to the overall U.S. economy;
  • Establishing an ambassador program made up of independent contractors to personally and systematically deliver the message that the independent contractor business model is the result of an affirmative decision that is profitable and rewarding to independent truckers and is critical to the trucking industry capacity equation;
  • Magnifying the voices of the hundreds of thousands of independent contractor truckers operating in the U.S. to increase their operational safety, efficiency, and profitability, and;
  • Supporting an operating environment that promotes the continued generation of independent contractor capacity, thereby creating more small businesses and jobs for the U.S. economy.

For More Information About The Coalition Or Becoming An Ambassador, Contact:

Bill Webb
Executive Director Truckers Service Association
(214) 205-7495

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